Dog Obedience Group Classes

Dogs are social creatures and they want to meet and play with other dogs. Education and knowledge is power, so Group Dog Obedience Classes give you more confidence taking your dog out into public and in social settings. Get off on the right foot by joining a Group Obedience Class when your dog is young. They will have fun meeting new dog friends and you will learn to effectively communicate with your dog so you can enjoy the lifelong benefits of a balanced dog.

What You Can Expect

  • Real results!
  • Exposure to real life distractions
  • Everyone gets personal attention because class sizes are kept reasonable
  • Exercise and fun! 
  • To build a strong bond with your dog with practise and consistency
obedient dog holding leash it its mouth

Basic Obedience

  • For dogs 9 months and older
  • Must not be in heat
  • Pre-requisite:  Meet/greet and approval to attend group
  • Work on Sit/Sit and stay, Come Command, Down/Stay, Leash Walking

Intermediate Obedience

  • For dogs 9 months and older

  • Must not be in heat

  • Pre-requisite:  Meet/greet, completion of Basic Group Obedience

  • Work on Basic Obedience Commands with increased distractions, duration and distance

Advanced Obedience

  • For dogs 9 months and older

  • Must not be neutered or spayed

  • Pre-requisite:  Meet/greet, completion of Basic Group Obedience, Intermediate Group Obedience

  • Work on all Obedience Commands with advanced distance, duration and distraction, off leash training

What Alpha Doghouse Expects of You

  • That you are committed to learning and showing up on time
  • Respect of others; no cursing during class
  • You are responsible for your dog!  Be present and pay attention!
  • Ensure your dog has done his/her business before entering the property/commencement of class
  • Sign up is required to hold your spot for any class
  • You will arrive with proper equipment, clothing and footwear
  • You will have the right equipment required for your dog (leash, long line, water, poop bags etc)
  • Bring really good treats – find out what your dog loves!
Owners and their dogs at a group dog obedience class

Class Times

Classes are held at the Alpha Doghouse Training and Petcare unless otherwise indicated

Class times to be announced.


Basic (6 Classes)
$300 + GST

Intermediate (6 Classes)
$300 + GST

Advanced (6 Classes)
$300 + GST