House Calls – Puppy 101

House calls can be arranged from North Nanaimo to Parksville. They are suited best for issues such as potty training, crate training and preventing problem behaviors from starting. It allows us to see the environment that the dog is living in, the outside space it has and the family dynamics.

Puppy 101

Puppies are a handful and it’s important that you get a good start. So much to think about, with food choices, training equipment, beds and blankets and the plethora of toys and chews. What is best? How can I get my dog to potty outside? Do pee pads work? Is crate training a punishment? All of these questions can be answered and we will get you started the right way!

The Alpha Doghouse Training and Petcare believes obedience training and good habits start as soon as your pup comes home. Forming good habits, being consistent and setting boundaries will make a big difference in your puppy growing to become a balanced adult dog.

small dog hiding under the bed

What You Can Expect

  • Fun ways to engage your pup and keep them busy
  • Potty training…no pee pads!
  • How to redirect destructive chewing
  • Crate training in a positive way
  • Learn about the right tools
  • Learn about the importance of socialization from early on
  • Helpful notes that you can keep for future reference
  • 1hr per visit


From North Nanaimo to Lantzville

 Central Nanaimo, Nanoose or Parksville