Pack Walks

The more that your dog is exposed to other dogs and new places, the better they will be handling life. Pack walks give you a chance to meet with other responsible dog owners and walk in a pack with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, who always encourages good behavior. Teaching your dog to walk nicely beside you on a slack leash all while experiencing the beautiful trails and parks within Nanaimo.

Dogs are pack animals. They will start to see a regular group of dogs and owners as a pack. Packs tend to stick together and have a hierarchy within. It is fun and interesting to see the workings within a group of dogs.

Of course, the more you can do with your dog, the better! Keep up with obedience training, get your dog daily exercise and stimulation and participate in weekly pack walks for a good balance.

Minimum of basic obedience training, either in group class or individual with Alpha Dog House.

Your Responsibilities:

    • Show up on time with proper equipment and clothing
    • Keep your dog on leash at all times
    • Be present! You are responsible for your own dog
    • Your dog must not be aggressive or unfixed/in heat
    • Keep with the group
    • Clean up after your dog
    • Bring clean water for yourself and your dog
dog walking in pack walk

What You Can Expect:

    • Each walk is one hour in duration
    • Owners are involved! This is a great chance for you to get some exercise and spend quality time with your dog
    • Get built-in training! The Certified Professional Dog Trainer is there to help you along the way!
    • We meet at a predetermined location in greater Nanaimo/Lantzville
    • All pack walks are Noon on Sunday’s 
    • Can purchase packages of 10 or 20
puppy holding leash in its mouth


10 Walk Package

20 Walk Package

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